Dell Boomi: MS SQL Server Database Connection

This post shows examples of Dell Boomi Database connector configurations for connecting to Microsoft SQL databases.

The authentication type can be either SQL Authentication or Windows Authentication. Windows Authentication credentials can be configured in Boomi or make use of the authentication of the Windows (service) user running the atom or molecule node.

Boomi provides two default configurations for SQL server drivers: jTDS and Microsoft.



Since the jTDS driver was introduced as a default driver in AtomSphere, the Microsoft driver has required manual installation.

The jTDS driver supposedly provides better performance but it doesn’t support some more advanced features such as failover partners.

Dell Boomi database driver configuration
The four default driver types includes two for SQL servers.

Examples of Windows and SQL Authentication Settings

The examples below connects to BjarkesDataBase on the server localhost on port 1433.

The examples log on to the SQL server with the user Bjarke — for Windows Authentication the domain HomeLan is used.

jTDS Driver with SQL Authentication

No special parameters needed in Additional Options.

Example config of jTDS driver with SQL Authentication

jTDS Driver with Windows Authentication

The domain of the domain user is set and the NTLMv2 is enabled.

Example config of jTDS driver with Windows Authentication
jTDS driver with Windows Authentication.

Microsoft Driver with SQL Authentication

Example config of MS SQL driver with SQL Authentication

Microsoft Driver with Windows Authentication

User Name and Password are blank as the service user running the atom is used for authentication.

Integrated security is enabled.


Example config of Microsoft driver with Windows Authentication

The atom/molecule node service is configured to log on as the domain user:

Open services.msc and configure the atom/molecule service to log on as the domain user.

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